fucc: FU Compiler Compiler

Sorry my terrible English, my native language is Lisp!


fucc is universal parser generator for Common Lisp. Currently LR0, SLR, LALR, LR1 and LL parser generators are implemented, and GLR, CYK and other algorithms are planned.

It doesn't implement lexical parser. You can use lexer package by mparker.

fucc is developed by Ivan Boldyrev and licensed under terms MIT-like license.


Second alpha version was released on March 4 2007. Support of LL was added. Syntax of grammar definition was changed too (incompatible!).

First alpha version was released on 12th of July 2006 and update released on 18th and 19th of July 2006.

Mailing lists



Some code with incomplete history is available at bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/monoid/fucc.

GNU Arch repository. Usage:

   tla register-archive lispnik@gmail.com--2006-fucc \
   tla get lispnik@gmail.com--2006-fucc/fucc--main--0.2

Archive is signed by my PGP-key 0xAE956E17.

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